Inner Courtyard, in association with Y.B. Chavan Pratishtha Presents A Dance Drama Performance on November 23rd, 7pm

Venue: Y. B. Chavan Pratishthan Hall, Gen. Bhosle Marg, Opp. Sachivalya, Mumbai

The dance drama performance explores the love between Mira and Krishna. The performance is created by Kathak exponent Smt Vidyahari Deshpande and produced by Abjijat Nritya Natya Sangeet Academy.
To quote from their press release-

Meera, India’s greatest poet and devotee of Krishna from the Bhakti Movement, inspired many a revolution in her times. She defied the practice of sati, believed in education of women and their freedom ofspeech. She brought to fore her devotion to Lord Krishna, not as a mother or a friend, but as a consort.

Here is a link to their webpage for more details Meera Dance